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Our platform was built to support the business Startup in UAE – KSA 


For startups & small teams

Dhs. 50
/ Monthly
  • Creation of Seller Account
  • Source upto 3 Products
  • 3 Landing Page Designs
  • Fulfillment Service
  • Payment Intregration


For medium-sized companies

Dhs. 150
/ Monthly
  • Creation of Seller Account
  • Source upto 10 Products
  • 10 Landing Page Designs
  • Fulfillment Service
  • Payment Intregration
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Marketing Supports


For Large Companies & individuals

Dhs. 500
/ Monthly
  • Creation of Seller Account
  • Source upto 100 Products
  • 100 Landing Page Designs
  • Fulfillment Service
  • Payment Intregration
  • 24/7 Service Support
  • Facebook Ads Support
  • Tiktok Ads Supports
  • Own Brand Store

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Common Questions

Selling in United Arab emirates has many potential but its need some legalization, Zeesouq will take care of it. 


Procedures : 

Create an Seller Account on Zeesouq, Choose Product According to your Plan, Advertise your Product on social platform such as Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram & many more.

After Orders Received, zeesouq logistics team will delivered it to your customer & your Amount will be paid into your bank Account.


There are 2 methods, 

1- You have products & you want to sell it 

2- you Don’t have products & want Zeesouq to Suggest. 

Procedure : 

  • if you have already products & want to sell it on our platform , you will send the inventory to our warehouse & we will keep & delivered it to customer. 

  • If you don’t have products, We will Suggest you Products according to your plan & Source it for you & keep stock in our warehouse & do the fullfillment on behalf of you.

We have 3 Plans which you can use any of it 

  • Starter (Dhs. 50 / per month.
  • Growth ( Dhs. 150/ per month,
  • Enterprise ( Dhs. 500 / per month.

Fulfillment fee.

There is fee of Dhs. 20 for each order process. 

The fee included 

  • Sourcing charges 
  • storing charges
  • Labeling charges
  • packing charges
  • shipping charges

No extra Hidden charges expect these.

Once Order successfully delivered , you will received the payment after 7 days of successfully delivered orders.

for Example: you received order on dated 1st, & it delivered to customer on dated 2nd or 3rd , you will received your payment on dated 8th or 9th.  


You can send your Inventory to our warehouse by using any plateform which suits you. 

  • you can use any logistics company
  • you can drop it by self
  • Zeesouq can provide logistics service with a nominal charges.


No worry, it is all your choice , but we will suggest you at least start with 10 pcs of each selected products to our warehouse to operate smoothy the logistics operations. 



Zeesouq will provide you a seller dashboard, where you can track your all details such as Orders Reports, inventory report, sale statics, store visibility and much more.  

The Process of cancelation of orders is so simple, 


Once order cancel or unsuccessfully delivery of any order , the inventory will be revert to your Stock & will dispatched on your next order. 


Does i have to pay for unsuccessful order?

Yes ! you have to pay the 50% of each unsuccessful order which is Dhs.10 

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Starting a business in the united arab emirates is always a dream of everyone, Zeesouq bring this solution for you to achieve your dream progressively. 

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