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Instantly Ageless Cream


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Product Descriptioin :


The Instant Ageless is a Facial in the form of a micro-cream, designed to diminish the signs of aging like expression marks, wrinkles, fine lines, facial furrows, pores, bags under the eyes, bumps and other undesirable signs that is not possible to hide or hide with the makeup.

How to Apply:

Massage the sachet to make sure the ingredients are combined. With the ring finger, sponge or shade brush apply the Ageless Instant in moderation in the desired region, spreading delicately with small strokes. Wait 2 to 3 minutes, until the Ageless Instant Cream is dry, (do not move the area with the product until drying). And it’s ready! You can finish with the makeup as usual (products without oil) or apply over make.

Apply on the Target Areas: forehead wrinkles, above the eyebrow line, below the eyebrow (do not apply on the eyelids), below the eyes to the upper cheek and the inner edge to the outside.


Perform the test on one area of ​​the skin.
For more sensitive skin, consult a specialist to check the composition of the product.
The store is not responsible for misuse of the product.

50 Ageless Instant Bbtox Sachets – 0.3ml (TOTAL 15ml).

50 Ageless Instant Bbtox Sachets – 0.3ml (TOTAL 15ml).

Out of stock

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