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Black seed is a cure for all diseases except Death

[ux_image id=”20531″ link=””%5D [section bg_color=”rgb(240, 240, 240)” padding=”59px” height=”300px” border=”1px 0px 0px 0px” border_color=”rgb(235, 235, 235)”] [row col_bg=”rgb(245, 245, 245)”] [col span__sm=”12″] Chiltan Pure CEO Claims You Can Beat Coronavirus with ‘Blackseed – kalonji & Honey’ [row_inner style=”collapse” v_align=”middle”] [col_inner span=”8″ span__sm=”6″ span__md=”7″] [ux_banner height=”400px” height__sm=”300px” bg=”20552″ bg_color=”rgb(245, 245, 245)” bg_pos=”25% 27%” link=”#”] [text_box width__sm=”60″ […]

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