BASPARI GINGER BLACK SHAMPOO شامبو الشعر الأسود بالزنجبيل

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  • Baspari ginger Essence Black hair Shampoo 500 Ml 5 Minutes Fast Coloring -شامبو الشعر الأسود بالزنجبيل من باسباري 500 مل 5 دقائق للتلوين السريع


Newest formula of pure ginger bring back a completely new different experience for hair. Natural Ginger extract,Collagen,and ginkgo biloba essence help to strong the hair fibers from inside to out. After washing the hair will be more shiny ,soft and smooth, good for preventing losting hair, and repair the hair from root. Special formula easily dye white, gray and yellow color hair,100% ammonia free, no Pungent odor, no harmful hair, no plumbum, non-stick skin and cloth. Full pigment factor cover the white hair perfectly, brink back a full natural black hair.

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